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Need Analyst
Planning Personal or Business expansion?  Need to move from a single desktop or several standalone computers to a networked solution?  Once again, we are your one-stop place for all of these needs!  We'll assess your needs, make recommendations, secure the hardware and software necessary, setup and install it, troubleshoot it and support it once it's up and running!

Configuration & Administration
Computers can be finicky things.  We can make your computer function like it belongs to you instead of like it has a mind of its own.   We can tailor computer functionality to suit your personal or business needs.

Web Site Setup
Are you on the Web yet?. We can design and maintain your web site for you.

Application Training
You need software training, We can help.

Novell NetWare, Windows NT
No matter which of the leading Network OS's your business uses, we've got you covered!. We are fluent in both operating systems and can deal with any situation.

Windows 95 & 98
Just need a couple computers linked together?  Need your Win 95 standalones running at optmal performance. We can help!

Windows for Workgroups
Are your computers older and still running Windows for Workgroups instead of Win95 or Win98? No worries!  We're old hands at dealing with MS Windows quirks and idiosyncrasies. We'll have you up and running in no time!

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