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Renter Guide The most comprehensive Rental & Relocation Guide
Travelocity The most detail travel guide
Excite City Guide Get the ins and outs of your arrival city on Excite's City.Net pages. Why eat in the hotel lounge when you can check out the four-star restaurants in town? And forget cable with City.Net's catalog of arts and entertainment, available for all the chic international cities.
The Weather Channel The most comprehensive Weather Channel guide
The Webdoctor The WebDoctor website is a comprehensive index of Internet medical resources that provides physicians with a virtual library of up-to-date, peer-reviewed professional medical information. Designed by physicians - for physicians, each link has been carefully reviewed by our panel of physicians prior to being listed within WebDoctor's 380 pages.
Yellow Pages The At Hand® Network Yellow Pages is a comprehensive source of nationwide listings of several million businesses in the United States. The At Hand Network is jointly operated by the Internet directory divisions of Ameritech (Ameritech Internet Yellow Pages), BellSouth (The Real Yellow Pages Online), SBC Communications (Smartpages), and U S WEST (U S WEST Dex). As a result of this unique partnering arrangement, the At Hand Network provides access not only to national listings but also access to comprehensive local information online.
ShopNow Established in 1994, is a leading electronic commerce outsourcing and direct marketing company helping make e-Commerce a reality for all businesses. was founded by President and CEO Dwayne Walker, former director of Windows NT and SQL Server at Microsoft. Mr. Walker is currently an advisor and board member of other leading technology and Internet companies. Through its full suite of e-Commerce solutions, helps customers and merchants safely and easily buy and sell merchandise online. With offices in Seattle and Sausalito, provides electronic commerce technology services to thousands of companies worldwide.
How To Do It Yourself is the most comprehensive source of information on how to do things, offering thousands of specific project instructions. Unlike search engines, which direct users to aggregated external information, is a true Web destination. It offers thousands of staff-written, reviewed and edited step-by-step project solutions within 14 activity categories, whether itís finding out how to change the oil in a car, make Cajun hot sauce, negotiate a raise, or even throw a knuckleball. Coupled with simple instructions, offers printable shopping lists and direct links and directions to relevant shopping opportunities on each topic, so users can order the goods or services necessary to complete their task. also brings together its community of users by encouraging them to contribute their own how-tos to the site, share tips and tricks for various topic entries, participate in online chats, and take part in a welcoming, relevant retail experience.
The Discovery Health The information that appears on is presented in summary form only and is intended to provide general consumer understanding of health care topics. The information is compiled from a variety of sources "Information Providers", including, but not limited to, Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Health System, the National Institutes of Health, the National Health Council, the National Library of Medicine, the United States Pharmacopoeial Convention, Inc., InteliHealth, AccuWeather, Reuters, and UPI. The information should not be considered complete and should not be used in place of a visit, call or consultation with a physician or other health care provider. does not recommend the self-management of health or medical problems, nor does promote or recommend any particular form of medical or alternative treatment. People using information accessed through should also research original sources of authority. Information obtained by using is not exhaustive and does not cover all diseases, ailments, physical conditions or their treatment.
The material that appears on the Discovery Sites is for informational purposes only.

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