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Are you happy at your job? C'mon, really? Is it time to start polishing up that portfolio? Or maybe you're looking for some new blood for your firm? Check out ArtSource, an agency specializing in placement for digital-media artists. You can browse portfolios of designers or submit your own portfolio.
Cutting Edge Personnel is a placement service designed to address the needs of employers and job seekers throughout the New York City area. The industries served include, but are not limited to: Advertising, Graphics, New Media, Investment Banking, and Computer software and hardware firms. Cutting Edge services all levels of the business organization, from the executive suites to production areas and studio departments, from entry-level situations to positions requiring seasoned pros.
Well, we still think that the HOW Job Bank is the best place to find the latest job listings, but when you're looking for a job or new employee, it's best not to put your proverbial eggs all in one basket. Creative Central is a site listing job openings for creative professionals, resources, events and more. Although they're a little light on the listings right now, give them time&emdash;they're new.
Are you planning a move any time soon? If so, you need to know how the cost of living in your new locale will affect your asking salary. This Web site allows you to enter your present salary in your present location and computes what that translates to in a new city. Will your hearty Des Moines paycheck be dwarfed in New York City? Find out here.
Wert & Co. is a New York-based international creative recruiting firm that just launched a new Flash-enhanced Web site, designed by i/o 360. Here, you can browse job listings, share overall career goals and submit your resume. You never know!
Newspaper Want Ads are so passe! To stay on top of the newest job offerings or recruit top talent to your firm, check out RGA-joblink online. You’ll find listings for interesting design jobs nationwide. Also, Hot Newslink provides industry-relevant information and International Hotlink links you to business options from around the world.
Finding new freelance talent at your firm shouldn’t be a chore. At Sourceweb, you can search the portfolios of a variety of photographers and illustrators, sampling work from creatives across the nation. If you’re a freelancer, check out how to submit samples of your own work.
Portfolios Online provides a comprehensive index of portfolios from a variety of different creative professionals, including photographers, illustrators and&emdash;yes, graphic designers. Look up a specific image in Image Search or find out how to submit items from your own portfolio.

Fun Stuff
You can easily become the most annoying person in your office with the help of this site. A collection of downloadable Mac-only practical jokes will allow you to program a Mac to burp when a disk is ejected, remove all the vowels from a text file and make your Mac sniff every few minutes (perfect for inspiring paranoia). Try doing that with a PC!
Microsoft Terraserver is a site that you don't know whether to marvel at or fear. This site includes an online database of aerial photography—zoom in on your hometown and see if you can spy on your neighbors. Welcome to the "Truman Show."
Do you wish you were scaling mountains, charming snakes or swimming with sharks instead of doing your desk job? Steal away to National Geographic's Voices while the boss isn't looking. This site provides you with a behind-the-scenes look at how National Geographic film crews pull together their shows, with audio and video technology to enhance your journey.
Ever since Griffin & Sabine rocketed to the New York Times Bestseller list, it has gleaned a loyal legion of fans intrigued by the powerful connection and correspondence between the two title characters. This beautifully designed site offers depth to the story and more morsels for fans of author Nick Bantock.
Mailing lists are an incredibly powerful tool, whether you're a host or recipient. ONElist is a site that allows you to search for mailing lists to subscribe to according to your interests, or even start your own list for free.
Wish your workday came with a soundtrack? Now it can. Put that LAN connection to work with This site features more than 100 music channels (including more than 130,000 songs) that you can use as your desktop jukebox, through a downloaded player. You may want to check and see if they have "9 to 5."
Got a bone to pick? Before your anger wanes as you search for the appropriate target of your ire, check out E-The People. This free Web service helps you find appropriate contacts through a keyword search or through categories. If the appropriate contact doesn't have an email address, E-The People will convert your concern to a fax. If you're really mad, you can start a petition and recruit others to sign it. Activism has never been so fast and easy.
Animal, vegetable or mineral? Twenty Questions is a site that bills itself as "an experiment in artificial intelligence." It works just like the simple game we all know well—you think of something then, by asking a series of questions, the CGI-based program will try to guess what it is. Clever and a bit creepy, it's worth a look.
Think of it as atonement for months of stifling summer heat or the wicked winter to come. Either way, there's nothing that beats the visual feast of changing leaves in the Northeast. The state of Pennsylvania has cooked up a rather slick Web site celebrating the most beautiful fall months. This site includes 29 different driving tours, Web cams and hiking and biking guides.
So you really want to find an .aif sound file of "Gettin' Jiggy With It" to embed on your site. Better yet, you need streaming video of Clinton's latest confession to accompany your site's downloadable copy of the Starr Report. Try, a search engine dedicated exclusively to finding audio, video, images & animation on theWeb.
What would "everyman" look like? Check out this Web project to find out. The site designers ask visitors to submit digital pictures of their own mugs. The pictures are then morphed into one bland face. Browse the gallery to see who has sent pictures of their faces. Maybe you'll even see someone you know!
If you can't make it to Cleveland to tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yourself, you can still take a virtual tour from your desktop. This site is incredibly comprehensive, giving information on each exhibit in the museum and commemorating the anniversaries of rock history with the current date. Visitors have an opportunity to talk back in the discussion areas and even search to find out what rock stars are born on their birthday. Rock on.
Just how big is the universe? This site will give you an approximation in whatever terms you specify. Enter a size for the sun, like an inch or even a mile. The site will generate the resulting relative distances to the planets. Very cool interactive site.
Lest you forget, only you can prevent forest fires. If you need to be reminded, visit Smokey the Bear's home page, designed by R/GA Interactive. You can participate in some fun interactive games, experience some cool animation, and get a look at a site that really presents its content in an intelligent, compelling way.
Patrick Broderick is a San Francisco-based designer with a lot of time on his hands, as evidenced by his Rotodesign site. This is to your advantage, since he has amassed a a collection of hilarious, lighthearted online folly. Included are fictional failed magazines (Here’s Alan Thicke! and Heroin Aficionado) and the cartoon adventures of Billy Precocious, the child surgeon.
If you don’t think the Web’s reach is pervasive, check out the site for The Ultimate Taxi. This high-wired cab has a TaxiCam (check out who’s in the back seat), a chat room, message boards, and emails, all brought to you by the hyper-connected cabbie, Jon Barnes. If you find yourself in Aspen, CO, make plans for Jon to pick you up at the airport.
Test your copywriting ability compliments of the Kranzler Kingsley Communications. Try out their World’s Worst Headline Game, a competition for the worst headline possible and Jingleberries, a jingle-writing contest. If you haven’t already made the foray into advertising, maybe you’ll be discovered here.
Don’t you hate those “404 File Not Found” error messages? A select few Web developers have designed clever, fun, creative takes on these messages—Cool 404 is dedicated to celebrating these pioneers. Browse the archives for past cool 404s or submit your own favorites.
The premise of the ScrollBar Animations site is as simple as a flip book—scroll down the page and see simple animation created with a series of dots and bubbles. Although it may not be the most useful site you’ll visit, it features a fun approach to animation and the simplicity of digital art.
What is If you find out, be sure to let us know. HOW has included this spot in the Top 10 because its perplexing nature makes it an enigma to Web watchers. Images rise randomly to the fore—you have to roll your cursor over the whole screen to find the next puzzling link. If entirely useless, it is quite fascinating.
The folks at Post Tool Design have cooked up a fun and whimsical “Play Page” using Shockwave to carry their folly. Included is a sound/sketch doodle pad (where you can mix shapes and sound together), Pong and much more. is a curious Web site with a funky home page that invites you to offer your opinion on a variety of topics. Go to Taste Tester to voice your opinion about the featured subject and see how “average” you are compared to the general public. The philosophy of this site is that if you offer something of yourself, you might stumble upon a person, object or idea you’ve been seeking.
So you think you’re a wiz when it comes to the Web? Put your knowledge to the test at Trivial Net. An interactive Web game (with multiple-choice questions) will test your skills and rate you accordingly (everything from “Mad Hacker” to “Slightly Nerdy”). If you like what you see, sign up for a free mailing list that e-mails you one trivia question every weekday.
Surf in peace with a little help from Don’s Boss Page. This clever site opens with an innocent and industrious-looking spreadsheet. Scroll down and you’ll find “stealth surfing” tips and an essential downloadable “panic window” that can be called up at a moment’s notice, lest your boss catch you visiting the Jenny McCarthy Fan Club site on company time. Your secret is safe with Don.
Anagrams are pretty much the opposite of pictograms, but at the Anagram Insanity site, they’re pretty fun. Simply type in a few words and Anagram Insanity will come up with hundreds of anagrams from those letters instantly! Cool stuff (locust off)!
If you’re used to getting your news from the Web, but miss browsing through the newspaper comics, check out The Comic Strip. You’ll find more than a dozen popular local comics, and can search through the archives for a Dilbert strip to print out and pin up in your cubicle!
Built on the principle that “there’s got to be something wrong with a medium that loves itself as much as the Web does,” Web developer Rogers Cadenhead brings you daily links to the world of the “perturbed, peeved, pensive and postal” with
Are you looking for love? You’ll certainly find it at LOVE, a series of pages in celebration of this much-ballyhooed emotion. This site is broken down into seven different series of seven pages each—enjoy the design as you navigate through the many interpretations of love shown here. Like finding true love, half the fun is the journey.
Feed is an online magazine that explores everything from the World Series to serial killers. The home page proclaims, “On a planet of geeks, interface becomes a way to define oneself,” the guiding editorial principle of this magazine. If you’re looking for interesting perspectives on a variety of topics, check this out.
Don’t you love those cool refrigerator magnets that allow you to construct elaborate, beautiful poems just before dinner? Well contain the poet within no longer: Prominence Dot Com gives you a screenful of Java-based “magnets” to play with at your leisure. You can even send in a screen shot to the Web developers once your masterpiece is complete.
Suck is a site that garners a lot of attention for its creative, intelligent writing. But what about its design: centered, narrow columns of text, images popping up between paragraphs and scattered navigation running down either side. Does interacting with the text make it more compelling to read? Is the placement of images an annoyance? Put your creative judgment to work, because no site’s too touted to be doubted.
The Web site for Dick Orkin’s Radio Ranch—creators of advertising radio spots, proves that just because you’re in the audio business doesn’t mean you can’t create a visually exciting promotional vehicle. Follow Bradley, the Radio Ranch horse, as he gallops along, guiding you through different areas on the site. A truly impressive self-promotional tool.
If you’re the type who’s forever in search of the next cool thing, check out the Cool Site of the Day. Here, you can access daily updates of what’s cool and new on the Web. If you have some catching up to do on what’s hot, try delving into the cool site archives.
After hours of Web-surfing, you feel a little burnt out. Well then, there’s no better time to rejuvenate your brain than with Brainwave’s challenging puzzles! Answer all 10 puzzles correctly, and you can win Brainwave’s “Top 5% Brain” award.
Who needs CNN? All their news is just depressing, anyway. Here’s a look at some UN-politically correct, fictional news stories that are guaranteed to have you laughing instead of grimacing at the tongue-in-cheek articles from The Onion. Past headlines include “Dalai Lama Decks Photographer in Disco Melee” and “Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia.”
Turn on, sign in and tune out. The 60s aren’t dead and neither is Timothy Leary—they’re both alive and well and living on the Timothy Leary Home Page. In addition to being a subject of pop culture, this site boasts innovative design, with a graphics-intense animated intro. You can also search the archives for information about this legend, or take a virtual tour of his home.
Keith Haring’s work has inspired many up-and-coming illustrators and designers. At his memorial Web site, you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about Keith Haring and his art, learn about the charitable projects and events planned by the Haring Foundation and even pick up some buttons, caps or T-shirts from the Pop Shop in New York.
If you think you DO know jack, you’d better check with this site first. You Don’t Know Jack is an online version of the popular CD-ROM trivia game on a host of outrageous topics. You’ll see just how much you have to learn.
Are you planning some international travel in the hopes of expanding your global clientele? Only geeks carry around translation dictionaries. If you want to converse with the natives, visit Travelang’s online translation dictionary site. Here, you can translate phrases into English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and even Finnish. While you’re here, search for data regarding maps, hotels, directions and more in your destination.
Clients getting you down? Tired of self-indulgent celebrities flooding the media? Take out your aggressions in Celebrity Slugfest, a cool Shockwave game that’s sure to lower your blood pressure. Select from a host of worthy candidates (categorized as either bullies, meanies or wusses) and take your best shot. Tempting choices include O.J. Simpson, Rush Limbaugh, Tori Spelling and more.
If your favorite way to wind down after a long day in front of the computer is a rousing game of DOOM, you just may be a computer-game junkie. Feed your addiction at Gamespot—you’ll find reviews of just about every game available, recommendations for your next purchase, downloadable demos from your favorite manufacturers, shareware and more.
Got a compelling question and don’t know where to turn? Go to Ask Jeeves—this know-it-all can tell you everything from “Who is Sandra Bullock?” to the more existential “What is the meaning of life? ” Jeeves searches multiple search engines to find out what sites may have the answers to your questions. While you’re there, you might want to ask “What’s for dinner tonight? ”
More than 100 photographers from around the world participated in an innovative QTVR Web project called Wrinkle 2: A Global Moment in Time. For this, each photographer took panoramic shots of their locale at the same moment, creating a VR snapshot of the world during a particular time. Before you go, make sure you have QuickTime.
Whether you love them or hate them, commercials are a powerful consumer tool and a sublime influence on our vernacular. Advertising Age has compiled a list of the 50 all-time best commercials and included them here for your viewing pleasure, organized by year. Good luck finding "Where's the Beef?"

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