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On Site Servicing
Solutions is your on call services provide. We come to you to fix your computer problem and also provide phone service.

Application Training
You need training on software applications. Yes we can help!

Troubleshooting & Upgrading
System or Network down?  E-mail not working?  Getting mysterious error messages?  Password problems?  Need to upgrade your hardware or software?  Adding hard drives, RAM or other physical upgrades?  Complete your upgrade job on a timely manner with the best available part price.

Network Management
Need someone to manage your small business network? Whether you use Novell, Windows NT or Windows 9x, We can do it. From dealing with server issues, to adding or removing workstations and everything in between. We're your one stop shop for networking needs!

Novell NetWare, Windows NT
No matter which of the leading Network OS's your business uses, we've got you covered!. We are fluent in both operating systems and can deal with any situation.

Windows 95 & 98
Just need a couple computers linked together? Need your Win 95 standalones running at optmal performance. We can help!

Windows for Workgroups
Are your computers older and still running Windows for Workgroups instead of Win95 or Win98? No worries!  We're old hands at dealing with MS Windows quirks and idiosyncrasies. We'll have you up and running in no time!

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