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Say you surf into a site whose parlance you don't quite comprehend. Voycabulary to the rescue! This site transforms any Web page into links to dictionary or thesaurus lookups. Type in the URL and each word is automatically made into a link using Javascript.
They say you don't really know what you're looking for until you find it. You may find it a lot faster with the help of Alexa, an advertising-supported (read: Free) Web-navigation device. Alexa tells you how each site you visit ranks in terms of traffic and suggests a variety of related links. Advanced versions incorporate an automatic encyclopedia, dictionary and thesaurus into your browser.
Are you always looking for the next great software tool? You're lucky to live in a world where benevolent software programmers create freeware/shareware for the rest of us to download at whim. Cool Tool of the Day publishes reviews of the hottest software around. Whether it's Al Morale (a desktop self-affirmation) or the 360 degree panoramas Photobubble can offer, you can get your daily fix here.
We don't care how long you've been using Adobe Photoshop: This program is so dense that even the biggest power-user could benefit from some refresher tips. You can get your weekly Photoshop tip from this site, which walks you through a new technique that just might rev up your next project.
When it comes to showcasing the hippest and hottest in Web content and development, Hotwired consistently leads the pack. Hotwired's newest effort—Animation Express—is just another feather in this team's virtual cap. Included is a collection of clever work from some of animation's biggest names, tips for making your own animation and—once you master it—the opportunity to submit your work.
Any Web head will tell you that you can never have too many online resources. Afterall, when you think you've got a handle on the Web, someone starts throwing a bunch of new acronyms into the hopper. Project Cool's Developer Zone is a great resource, breaking down everything from the basics of Javascript to cascading style sheets. We particularly liked the color chart, allowing you test-drive Web-safe colors...
... And if that doesn't hold you, ZD Net offers up its own brand of Web advice with Devhead. Included are valuable tips on coding, useful design tips and a comprehensive library of free Javascript code, ripe for the cutting and pasting.
Considered by many "in the know" Web folks to be a great resource, Matt's Script Archive is a tried-and-true collection of some very useful CGI scripts. Save yourself some trouble by using his technology for adding a counter, form, guestbook or more to your pages. You may not have to learn C++ after all.
Hold on tight to that PowerBook! If you're one of the thousands of people who had her laptop stolen last year, register your lost laptop here. Included is a database of stolen computers, with serial numbers.
So you don't get enough email? OK, "quality" email? Here's something you might actually be able to use. Included is a complete index of mailing lists related to Apple and the Macintosh. If you know of one that's not listed, send it to the listmaster—they'll post your contribution, too.
Macmillan publishes some of the most useful books you'll find on programming and Internet issues. Now you can sample their books before you buy. By registering through the Web site, you can select up to five "Ebooks" to view online through the "Personal Bookshelf" portion of the site.
So you think this Web business is a man's world? Guess again! You hang with your sisterhood at "Hey Geek Girl," run by Drue Miller, a hip Web mistress from San Francisco. Everything from how to set up your site to down-and-dirty practical tech tips is included. This site also features fashion tips, gifts for geek girls and more for the fairer sex.
For the latest on Macintosh news, visit Mac Central. Included is a user forum area, a look at Mac rumors, a special section dedicated to the iMac and Mac-game news. True Mac freaks can sign up for the daily (yes, daily) Mac newsletter.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is in charge of making some of the biggest decisions that decide the fate of the Web. This site gives you all the information you need to become a member, news and announcements, and information on everything from Document Object Models to electronic commerce.
If you’re a frequent Internet user, the issues surrounding Internet privacy affect you. At the Americans for Computer Privacy site, you can access information about the topic of privacy, read about pending Congressional bills and learn about common privacy myths.
Dynamic HTML is an exciting new innovation, allowing Web pages to "change" even after a page has been loaded into the browser. The Dynamic HTML Zone provides articles, tutorials, resources and a discussion group, all spotlighting this hot new topic. This site is sponsored by Macromedia, which means you can learn about how to combine Shockwave with DHTML.
Looking to sell your computer? Or maybe you’re looking for a decent used computer? Check out American Computer Exchange—they’ll help you buy and sell computers through this broker network. In addition, you can see how much your old girl is worth using the computer price index or download a used computer price calculator.
PDF is fast becoming a de facto standard. This is the official site for Emerge EXTRA, the Acrobat PDF newsletter. In weekly updates, it showcases users and uses of PDF from around the world.
So, you’ve been hearing all about how XML is going to revolutionize the way users access information on the Web, but you don’t know much about it. Never fear—Microsoft has prepared just about all the information you could ever need on the topic. Included (of course) is information on XML support in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, but you’ll also find a white paper on the topic, newsgroups, FAQs, demos and much more.
“TidBITS” is a weekly Macintosh/Internet-themed newsletter with a seven-year publishing history—dinosaur years in Web terms. This newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the news that affects you as a Mac-based Web surfer. Sign up to get a free subscription sent to your emailbox.
Macromedia’s Shockwave revolutionized Web design—now you can experience the best of Shockwave content at a free online entertainment site, ShockRave. You can download animated South Park or Dilbert cartoons or help Donut Boy climb his way up the corporate ladder in the interactive online game by the same name.
One of the best ways to stay on top of everything from daily news to fitness is available free from Netscape’s In-Box Direct. You can choose to have popular publications ranging from People magazine to USA Today delivered to your email in-box daily.
If you’re a Web designer, The Compendium of HTML Elements is a page that you’ll want to bookmark. This page acts as a reference manual of all HTML tags in general use, including information on the tag, how it’s used, examples of its use and options for modifying that tag.
Before you buy your next computer book, consult Dr. Dobb. At Dr. Dobb’s Electronic Review of Computer Books, you’ll get the dirt on all the computer-related books fit to print. You can search the Web site for a particular title or subject, check out the feature for “books that are awfully significant or significantly awful” and check out the Computer Book Review Links Archive.
Kim Komando is one of the best-known computer experts, offering important advice through her radio show, newspaper columns and newsletter. At Kim’s Komputer Klinic, you can visit Kim online, send her your computer questions and learn more about what exactly makes computers tick.
Do you want to be the first one with the gossip on news regarding the new Mac OS 8? Visit the Mac OS Rumors site. Here, you’ll find the latest scoop on the Mac OS—straight from the horse’ mouth. There’s also an added bonus for Apple stockholders—up-to-the-minute stock updates!
The official site of Macworld magazine marries late-breaking Mac information with vast archival resources. Also included is a software library, an index of past issues and a community center to trade ideas or find answers to your Mac-related questions.
If you’re a devoted QuarkXPress user, check out the XPresso Bar. This page offers useful tips and information about XPress and even reveals some Easter Eggs hidden in the programming. Also included is suggested online reading and some downloadable Quark XTension demos and other software you may find useful.
Are you starting to lose track of all the plug-ins available on the Net? Visit BrowserWatch’s Plug-In Plaza and you’ll find links to all the plug-ins available on the Internet. Access the full list, or search by graphics, multimedia, sound and more.
Beware: if you stop to blink, you may miss the latest technological innovation! Enter CNET, a site rich with the latest information on what’s new in the digital age. Read up on the latest product reviews or get the latest technological news before your peers do.
Electronic Minds is a site designed to act as a forum for intelligent debate about the wide-ranging issues of technological life. Led by cyberspace guru Howard Rheingold, a team of computer experts is on call for compelling discussions.
If you have a hard time keeping all the XTensions available for QuarkXPress straight, check out Here, you can find and try out demo versions of XTensions or purchase the packaged product. Also included are tips and tricks, desktop publishing news and threaded discussion groups.
Give yourself a daily treat and visit Fonts Unlimited. You’ll find a different shareware/freeware font every day. You can also check out some previously featured fonts or their list of cool links.
You never really can have enough tips for how to make the most out of your design programs. At Paul Sawyer’s Tips and Tricks, you’ll find useful hints to help you make the most of your designs. For instance, learn how to give your objects a carved or beveled effect or discover how to create a gradient mask.
If you’re looking for an easy way to log your travels on the Web when using Netscape Navigator, Extensis’CyberViewer will prove to be a valuable tool. Bookmarking specified pages is as simple as dragging thumbnail images from the CyberViewer palette to the Netscape bookmark window. Download it for free.
The Digital Design Communications site acts as a great resource for designers and/or Macintosh users. Browse the most recent news regarding design, explore the design links and send them any feedback you have on the design industry!
Lynda´s Homegurrrl Page offers visitors a veritable smorgasbord of Web offerings. On this site, Lynda Weinman, the author of Designing Web Graphics and Deconstructing Web Graphics, provides information about using browser-safe colors, links to valuable Web-design sites and links to some ultra-hip sites that are sure to offer inspiration.
Too much is never enough when it comes to shareware. If you´ve depleted resources in the other shareware sites, check out Shareware Junkies. Try the software before you buy, subscribe to the free newsletter for junkie news and read up on the best shareware available in shareware reviews.
The going prices for Macintoshes seem to fluctuate with the tides. Get a grip—the Deal-Mac site tracks the daily price point of Macintosh computers and peripherals. Discover what deals are out there and search for specific merchandise. A must if you want to do some comparative shopping.
Keeping up with the newest Mac innovations is no small feat—and neither is finding information to help you maintain your current system. For the latest information and services regarding Macintosh computers, visit the MacInTouch Home Page. Here you’ll find recent news and answers to some of your Mac computing dilemmas. A good place to bookmark if you’ve grown weary of tech support.
For answers to your Mac-related questions, visit The Practical Mac, a useful online resource for Mac owners. You’ll find step-by-step guide to tasks like setting up a home network, and find some valuable troubleshooting tips. Also, learn some helpful tips for improving efficiency, like how to zap your PRAM.
For the latest news on issues regarding your Mac and Internet issues, visit the Apple and the Internet site. You’l find up-to-the-minute news bytes about everything from Apple Internet technologies to Apple partnerships that will affect the way you design Web sites.
For an insider’s opinion of what hardware is worth its weight in silicon, visit Street Tech, launched by Wired contributing editor Gareth Branwyn. The site’s mission? In his own words, “ To rant about the stuff that sucks and rave about the stuff that doesn’t.”Before your next major purchase, be sure to pay this site a visit.
Apple Computer just made it easier to find the perfect Mac. At the revamped Apple Web site, you can order your Mac just as you like (choosing from hundreds of different features) and opt out of the features you don’t want. Order online and have your new creation delivered to your door.
Will your computer last well into the 21st century? Find out at Year 2000, a Web site that addresses the hype behind the dreaded Millennium Bug and offers possible solutions. For a sense of the ominous, check out the “ doomsday ” clock that counts down the year 2000 down to the last second.
Can't find the contacts for a particular site? Check out Whois, a (somewhat freaky) Internet utility run by InterNIC. Simply type in a domain name (like and Whois returns the name and address of the domain's owner, technical contact, domain servers and more. You can also use Whois to find out if a particular domain name is available. bills itself as "Your Home for JavaScript and DHTML on the Web." Sure enough, you'll find all the poop here, on everything from DOMs to animation. Check out their useful tutorials or access the vast reference area.

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